Wall to Wall : 100 Great Treatments for Vertical Surfaces

Ryland Peters & small

Linda Barker / Hardcover


Walls provide endless opportunities for us to express our taste and personality, so it’s surprising how often we resort to painting them in solid colors or covering them with uninspired wallpaper. Now, acclaimed interior designer Linda Barker proves that walls can be much more than backdrops for artwork, neutral surfaces to blend with furniture, or mere room dividers. Whether your home is large or small, classic or contemporary, Barker provides the inspiration to transform your walls into beautiful, decorative pieces, with 100 wall treatments for a variety of looks and budgets, including:

• Novel approaches to traditional paint techniques, including bar-code stripes, stencils, and tattoos

• Wallpaper masks that create bold overlapping patterns for a dramatic effect

• Innovative treatments such as leather or suede paneling, seashell displays, and fabric coverings

• Stunning mosaics created in a few short hours with preconstructed stone sheets

• Inspirations for collages using personal items such as clothing and accessories that you can adapt to reflect your own personal flair

Whether you opt to add a modern twist to a classic treatment, or choose a more unconventional approach, Wall to Wall provides myriad possibilities for creating dramatic style. Linda Barker also helps you approach bare walls without inhibition with down-to-earth advice on basics such as lighting, the proper use of color to create moods, and the perfect textures to complement a room’s composition. Gorgeously illustrated with step-by-step photos and filled with Linda Barker’s characteristic charm and style, Wall to Wall is an invaluable resource for beginners and seasoned decorators alike.