The Wednesday Wars


Gary D. Schmidt / Ages 10 + / Paperback


It's 1967 and as if starting 7th grade wasn't bad enough, Holling Hoodhood is left alone with Mrs. Baker a teacher he's sure hates his guts every Wednesday afternoon when the rest of his class is dismissed for Hebrew school or Catechism. And not only is he left sitting with the teacher, she starts assigning him Shakespeare Shakespeare! then giving him huge quizzes on each play! It's so unfair! Although he's sure she's out to get him, he finds himself actually enjoying the plays, which leads to him memorizing his favorite lines, which leads to a part in a community theater production and wearing yellow feathers on his, well, never mind. In fact, those Wednesday afternoons lead to quite a few surprising discoveries about himself, Shakespeare, and the people in his life even Mrs. Baker. Told from Holling's endlessly entertaining point of view, this is one of those books you don't want to end