The Way of the Fight

Harper Collins

$8.00 $17.99
Georges St-Pierre / Paperback

As the world’s most popular UFC fighter, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre seems almost impossibly tough and dominant. Long before he was GSP, as his millions of fans know him, champion MMA fighter in UFC,he was just a kid who was harassed by bullies. Thanks to years of practicing martial arts, GSP would invent his own way of life.

With startling honesty, GSP relates the true story of growing up in martial arts but also discovering that his passion for learning and constant improvement, make him happy. By way of fighting, he’s discovered how to succeed, and by way of injury, how to maintain perspective on that success.

This book highlights the lessons that brought him there, the unique system he invented to combine various forms of fighting arts, and the key people who helped make him world champion.