The Spice Islands Voyage : In Search of Wallace

Little, Brown & Company

Tim Severin / Hardcover
THE SPICE ISLANDS VOYAGE is a journey and quest: a journey among the Spice Islands of Indonesia aboard a traditional native sailing vessel and a quest to rediscover a remarkable Englishman, who changed the way we see the natural world.

Alfred Russel Wallace was the joint author of the theory of evolution by natural selection yet today his name is overshadowed by Darwin's. A brilliant and intrepid naturalist, Wallace was the author of THE MALAY ARCHIPELAGO, one of the greatest travel books ever written. It was used as a guide in 1996 when Tim Severin retraced his path through the Spice Islands, encountering Red Birds of Paradise, sea turtles and other unusual flora and fauna and observing rainforest destruction, the smuggling of rare species and ancient systems of tribal rule. THE SPICE ISLANDS VOYAGE is his account of this remarkable adventure.