The Meanwhile Adventures

Arthur A. Levine

$8.00 $22.99
Roddy Doyle / 8 years + / Hardcover

You remember Mr. Mack, the man from The Giggler Treatment? He has now become an inventor, and when he goes to the bank with his latest brainwave - a saw that looks just like a machine gun - he gets arrested. It's up to Rover and little Kayla Mack to find Kayla's mom, Billie-Jean Fleetwood Mack, and set our hero free. But MEANWHILE, Billie-Jean is trying to set a record for circumnavigating the globe without telling anyone. MEANWHILE, Robbie and Jimmy Mack have begun tunneling under the jail to rescue their father. MEANWHILE, Mr. Mack may accidentally confess to a crime he didn't commit. And MEANWHILE, the slugs of Dublin have launched a struggle for world domination, and nothing, but nothing, will get in their way.