Recycle! : Make your own eco-friendly and creative designs - 60 projects for home & garden

Kyle Cathie

$15.00 $38.95
Moira & Nicholas Hankinson / Paperback
Give new life to cast-off objects with these innovative projects for your home and garden.
Designers Moira and Nicholas Hankinson are masters of transforming reclaimed materials into beautiful and useful objects, and their new book is packed with exciting projects for the home and garden. Arranged in chapters that include "Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Boudoirs," "Decorative Accessories," and "The Garden," Recycle offers clear, concise instructions on how to create each design, from the modest painting of the bed-spring candle holder and the window-shutter CD rack to the more ambitious excavations of the railway-tie garden steps. Taking us through each step, from finding the salvaged item to the beautifully photographed finished piece, Recycle opens our eyes to the rich possibilities of turning "trash" into treasure.