Maxx Comedy


Gordon Korman / Age 8 + / Paperback


Will Max leave them rolling in the aisles? Or will he discover, as an old actor once said, "Dying is easy; comedy is hard." It's classic Korman once again! Gordon shows his command of the middle-school voice and the real reactions of kids, and mixes them with completely outrageous situations to create a hilarious novel that kids will love. Eleven-year-old Max Carmody has wanted to be a stand-up comedian since he was five.And he believes it is truly his destiny when he discovers a national talent search for "The Funniest Kid in America." The prize is $1000 and a TV appearance.Armed with a stage name, Maxx Comedy, he proceeds to manipulate his friends and family in the singleminded pursuit of his goal. Hilarity ensues as Korman brilliantly portrays the humour that can be found in any kid's life, especially when the kid is Max. He is living proof of the old saying "anything that can go wrong, will."