I Never Fancied Him Anyway

Bantam Press

Claudia Carroll / Paperback


Cassandra never set out to be a psychic, least of all a famous one, with her very own magazine column, plus a glamorous TV slot thrown in for good measure.Well, let's face it, it's not exactly a career choice you might make, now is it? But, whether she likes it or not, ever since she was a little girl, Cassandra's been able to see things, so vividly and clearly, it can be, well, a bit frightening. In fact, scrap that, it's terrifying. You see, the thing is ...she's never yet been wrong. Not once, ever. So here's the biggie: while she can make life and relationship predictions with 100 per cent accuracy for everyone around her, including her three best friends, Chantal, Jo and Marc, then why oh why does she get her own love life so disastrously wrong? And then there's the way her astonishing gift just seems to go clean out of the window any time there's a guy in the room that she fancies...