Global style : exotic elements in contemporary interiors

Ryland Peters & small

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Lesley Dilcock / Gros format rigide


Whether you want to give just a suggestion of far-flung places, or to boldly combine contrasting cultural elements in your home, 'Global Style' shows how to incorporate exotic influences and artfacts in a contemporary interior. In this imaginative and inspiring new book, Lesley Dilcock displays unusual combinations of old and new, exotic and everyday and shows how it is possible to mix global ingredients from different cultures with creative flair and panache. In the first chapter, Lesley takes a look at decorative influences from all over the world and celebrates colour palettes, textures, surfaces and textiles from as far afield as India, Africa, the Far East and South America. In the second chapter, she examines the components of the style- furniture, lighting, kitchen, decorative items and collectables, all from exotic destinations around the globe. And finally, in the third section, she shows how to put the look together to create decidedly contemporary interiors that nevertheless possess a distinctly exotic flavour.