Genghis Khan : 13th Century Mongolian Tyrant


$4.00 $7.99
Enid A. Goldberg & Norman Itzkowitz / 9 and up


This biography describes the life of Genghis Khan, a ruthless warrior whose army savaged thousands of people across East Asia and Eastern Europe during the thirteenth century in his effort to conquer the world.

Series Information: From Vlad the Impaler to Grigory Rasputin, to Ivan the Terrible, some of the most heinous moments in history are exposed in these highly illustrated biographies of some of the most villainous tyrants who walked the earth. "A Wicked History" will be the definitive biography series for middle and high school students on the evil individuals who twisted the course of history. The design is sophisticated to attract middle-school and high-school readers, yet the reading level is on target and readily accessible to readers of all levels.