Daddy's little girl


Mary Higgins Clark / Pocket

Ellie Cavanaugh was only seven years old when her sister, Andrea, was murdered, yet she was the chief witness in the trial of the accused 19-year-old, Rob Westerfield, only heir of the most prominent family in town. Although there were actually three suspects who were the focus of police investigations, and Westerfield steadfastly denied he murdered Andrea, it was Ellie's testimony that resulted in his conviction and incarceration.

It's now 22 years later, and Westerfield is being paroled. He and his family are seeking a reversal of his conviction so that he can inherit his grandmother's fortune. But Ellie is desperate to find evidence to prove once and for all that he is the sick killer she always believed him to be. As an investigative reporter for an Atlanta newspaper, Ellie returns to her hometown and begins a dangerous probe into the events of that night --- an intrusion that is resented by both the Westerfield family as well as many of the local residents who never believed Rob was responsible for Andrea's death.

Ellie's investigation brings her into close contact with Rob Westerfield, who seems intent on harassing her everywhere she goes. Her apartment is broken into, her car vandalized, and her life threatened. Is Rob stalking her to prevent her from uncovering the truth? Or is the creepy handyman, one of the three original suspects and an employee of the Westerfield estate, involved somehow? And what about the mentally challenged boy who had asked Andrea for a date on that fateful night? He always seemed so harmless, but now he's terribly agitated to have the whole case resurrected, and Ellie knew how infatuated he was with Andrea. The deeper she digs into those who were involved in Andrea's life, the more confusing the facts of the case seem to be, and the less confident Ellie is that her testimony pointed the finger at the right man.