Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Penguin Books

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Roald Dahl / Category : 8 and +
In this timeless classic, Willy Wonka, a crazy chocolatier, opens his chocolate factory doors for the first time to five lucky children who have randomly purchased the coveted chocolate bars containing the golden ticket. Besides a lifetime supply of chocolate, the children get a chance to tour the mysterious factory with their guide, Willy Wonka. Throughout their journey in Wonka's factory the children encounter all sorts of silliness, as well as ethical dilemmas.
Roald Dahl presents readers with four devious, self-serving children, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and Mike Teavee, while Charlie Bucket represents the contrast in character. The four other children's selfish ways get them into hilariously odd situations, which have the result of determining their own doom, while Charlie's characteristic integrity, honesty, and general sweetness afford him an opportunity to fulfill his dreams. This fantasy allows readers to explore how character and certainly behavior may affect the course of one's life in a way that is fun and imaginative. This is a perennial classic that continues to be enjoyed by readers, young and old.