Case of lies


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Perri O'Shaughnessy / Pocket

Back from a stint in Monterey, where her love-life took a tumble, attorney Nina Reilly returns to her Tahoe law office, taking on a new client whose wife was shot and killed during a casino-district robbery.  The police have no suspects.  The robbery victims, three smart, tricky, college students, lied about their identities and have gone into hiding.

Two of the witnesses flee to Germany, a village not far from the home of Nina’s son’s father, Kurt. As Nina tries to unravel the mystery of one violent Tahoe night, a harrowing journey begins--one that takes her from the underworld of Tahoe’s casinos to the halls of a prestigious East Cost university, and finally to Europe, and an emotional, dangerous reunion with Kurt.  As old feelings are rekindles, Nina’s case turns violent.  Everyone has something to hide--the brilliant but unstable math student who has made an astonishing discovery, the owner of the motel, and the shooter, who has turned tis whole case into a gigantic lie.