Basic Gardening : Everything You Need to Make Your Garden Grow

Silverback Books

Paperback, 144 pages / Sybille Engels


Few Basic things in life are fun AND make us happy. Gardening is definitely one of them. After all, it has to do with fantasy, discovery, adventure. When you can have red poppies, purple lavendar, and wild strawberries right from your balcony, and zucchini in a flowerpot, growing stuff becomes the most basic of all earthly pleasures. To take the first step to this gardening paradise while having fun, improvising and not taking oneself too seriously requires a different type of book. And here it is ~ Basic Gardening ~ is about trying things out and letting your imagination run free!! With over 150 favorite plants and I-can-do-this ideas for city gardeners, balcony owners, and other unconventional gardeners. It contains all the basics you need to know to get started quickly and easily while having fun. You'll see its really easy to acquire a green thumb.