Abracadabra to Zombie : More Than 300 Wacky Word Origins

Dutton Books

$10.00 $24.00
Don & Pam Wulffson / 9-12 year


From familiar brand names such as Adidas and McDonalds to words such as corny, this entertaining collection tells the stories behind more than 300 popular words and expressions. Information about the names for the states, the days of the week, and the months of the year is included, as are the origins of words about sports, movies, candy bars, and lots more. Scholarly etymology this isn't, but there is definitely a difference between playfulness and error: it's fun to say that the word news began as an acronym for north, east, west, south, but the word really came from new. The draw here is the pop culture, and the chatty anecdotes and trivia show that words are a lot of fun.