Art Beyond the Lens

Focal Press

Sarah Gardner / Paperback


With Art Beyond the Lens: Working with Digital Textures by Focal Press, you can turn back the clock by turning family snapshots into vintage-looking works of art. Texture guru Sarah Gardner will open up a whole new world in photography for you, showing you how to create vintage-looking, dream-like textures. Beautiful enough to sit on your coffee table yet practical enough to store near your computer, this book will show you everything you need to know to get that coveted vintage-feel in your images, whether you're a casual family snapper or a seasoned professional.

Learn that how an image is initially captured and processed has a significant impact on the effect a texture will have, so you'll also learn what to consider when composing and shooting (rather than simply relying on post-processing) and how to use lighting and background considerations effectively for later work with textures. Workshop notes and a supplemental website will help you put Sarah's techniques into practice immediately.

Packed with techniques and tips that will give professional portraiture and wedding fine art photographers an extra edge in their portfolio.